Forest Kindergarten International For Future


We are international forest and nature kindergartens, forest play groups, forest schools, nature educators, forest day-care centres, associations and sponsors who care about a future worth living for our children and pledge our support to the Fridays For Future movement.

Wir sind internationale Wald- und Naturkindergärten, Waldspielgruppen, Waldschulen, Naturpädagogen, Waldkindertagesstätten, Vereine und Sponsoren, die sich um eine lebenswerte Zukunft für unsere Kinder kümmern und sich für die Bewegung Fridays For Future einsetzen.

We would like to supplement the factual demands of #FridaysforFuture and #Scientists4Future with fundamental and equally necessary approaches.


1. Early childhood in nature

2. Kindergartens, schools and universities out into nature

3. Human is nature, is one with nature

4. Creation of platforms in which the change towards sustainable implementation or renaturation of human beings can take place creatively in villages, towns, rural districts ....

5. Promoting mindfulness at all levels of society.

6. The right of children to have a say!

7. The right of nature to have a say in all matters influenced by man.

Wir möchten die sachlichen Forderungen von #FridaysforFuture sowie #Scientists4Future ergänzen durch grundlegende und ebenso notwendige Ansätze.


  1. Frühe Kindheit in der Natur

  2. Kindergärten, Schulen und Hochschulen raus in die Natur

  3. Mensch ist Natur, ist Eins mit der Natur

  4. Bildung von Plattformen, in denen in Dörfern, Städten, Landkreisen … der Wandel zur nachhaltigen Implementierung bzw. Renaturierung des Menschen kreativ erfolgen kann.

  5. Förderung von Achtsamkeit in allen Ebenen der Gesellschaft.

  6. Mitspracherecht der Kinder!

  7. Mitspracherecht der Natur in allen Belangen, die der Mensch beeinflusst.

Since 20th of June: The first 214 signatories from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Chile, Belgium, Poland, Nepal, Zansibar, India, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Serbia, Luxembourg, Croatia, Lithuania, DRCongo, Philippines, New Zeeland, USA, Singapore, Romania, Ireland, Ecuador, United Kingdom (UK), Estonia, Italy, Suriname, Slovenia, New Mexico USA, Spain, California USA, Washington USA, Australia, Wales, Panama, Columbia, Marocco, Lativa, Scotland, Hawaii USA, Denmark, Netherland, Japan, Argentina, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Vietnam and Czech Republik have signed our statement.

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Manifest from Spain

Asociación Nacional de Educación en la Naturaleza de España "EDNA" ein Manifest veröffentlicht, indem wir den hiesigen Behörden die Natur als sicheren und wertvollen Bildungsraum vorstellen und als möglichen Lösungsansatz für die besonderen Herausforderungen der Covid-19-Krise, aber auch als dauerhafte Option, für den Bildungssektor vorschlagen

Manifest in English

Manifest in German

Join the movement
We are on the streets and supporting the movement - Pictures of Germany and Chile

The signatories write us

Isabelle: Il est temps d’arrêter de faire grandir nos enfants hors sol

Nathalie: It is necessary to build strong relations, actually to re-connect with nature, to be able to understand its importance. That's possible by being regulary into the nature and by building the consciousness of a planetarian citizenship.

Kateřina: In Forest Kindergarten we are teaching for future, because we believe in future, so we have to fight for future.

Claudia: We need a relationship with nature. We are a part of nature, she is our teacher, we need her to live.

Abdoul Had I: The bond between humans and nature is like the ombilical cord that links a baby to his mother. Therefore we must ensure that this bond remains steady forever, by taking care of mother nature, so that she can continue to shelter, nourish and take care of us!

Karen: We must all deepen our relationship with and attachment to nature to rebuild our understanding of our interconnectedness. Western traditions have long distinguished between humans, culture, and cognition on the one hand and nature, wildness and emotions on the other. Nowhere are these artificial distinctions more evident - and more dangerous - than in our education systems. Primary and secondary schools must join the Forest Kindergarten movement to ensure more time and space in nature for children - and learners - of all ages. And we adults who work for, with or in nature in any capacity whatsoever must seek to strengthen our ties to, understanding of and love for nature.

Anna: We should not forget that we come from nature. I'll try to say it with a song cutout from the Dutch band "omnia":
"we got to keep on fighting! For all the whales and the fishes in the sea. We got to keep on fighting! For all the little birds and all our trees. Because mother nature, she needs our help, you know she needs our help. Her children my children, their freedom my goal. I'll be fightin' [... ] for them all!

Elisabeth: The current global crisis threatening our survival on this planet and the most recent disturbing mental health statistics in childhood here in the UK both reflect the consequences of not relating to nature, ourselves and our planet in a healthy way. Forest kindergartens can help us move forward and address these concerns at one and the same time!

Wolfgang: When we are in nature from a young age we get the feeling that we are part of this nature...... When we destroy it we destroy ourselves.... This understanding is the way to a one world

Wolfgang: Wenn wir von klein auf Natur in der Natur sind bekommen wir das Gefühl Teil dieser Natur zu sein...... Wenn wir sie zerstören zerstören wir uns selbst... Dieses Verständnis ist der Weg zu einer Welt

​Susanne:  Ich möchte für eine Lebenswerte Zukunft unserer Kinder, Enkel und alle nachfolgenden Generationen meine Stimme abgeben.

Martina: Lets really take care for mother earth!!!!

Dorota: We have only one chance to do it right. Let's act now!

Ruth: Wonderful and inspirational idea.... thank you!

Sylvie: Par et pour l'amour et de la nature

Katherine: Estamos felices de unirnos al bosque! Apoyamos desde Waiwen en Chile con todo lo que podamos. Abrazos!

Gisela: Erst sterben Bäume, dann sterben Insekten und andere Tiere. Mensch, tu endlich was!

Kovid: I am a child who loves nature and being outdoors. But I am alarmed at the rate our environment is being destroyed. So, I, with the support of my parents, and along with my sister and friends have joined in the campaign #FridaysForFuture and initiated a group called Sakhaa (friend).

Vanee: 'No one is too small to make a difference' Greta Thunberg. I (12years) and my brother Kovid (15 years) have started a group of and for the children called Sakhaa (friend). We including some friends and cousins are now taking actions to fight climate change to make our earth environmentally and child-friendly. We have joined in the campaign #FridaysForFuture #FridaysForFutureNepal.

Ch.MuhammadDin: Forest are produced people peace health and wealth.

Stephanie: Meine beiden Söhne gingen und gehen in einen Waldkindergarten in Österreich - sie lieben es!!

Emmanuel: We all should act now, because this is a generation that the world cannot influence.

Salim: Together to save our life

Sara: The best for all the children and nature, for our future!

Cemi: Hello..I love nature...N to b in green forest is my dream..I wanna join this worldwide movement on behalf of my country.Pakistan

Joe: Forests play important role to mankind, protect nature and served as a reserviour for the protect of the environment

Aleksandar: Da je cela Planeta Zemlja prirodni vrtić - The whole planet should be a natural kindergarten!

Michael: We support the respect of land and the prezervation of our forest

Sandra: Students of all ages need at least 1 school day per week in nature.

Danijela: Priroda je naša majka, ona je naša, najlepša bajka! Nature is our mother, she is our most beautiful fairy tale!

Stanley: Heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to those who pioneered this life-sustaining initiative. I'm glad to become a part of it. Kudos and let's walk in, with and for the forests of the earth.

Shikha Prasai: I support and encourage my children to be the environment changemakers. they have a group Sakhaa and are gearing up their actions for #FridaysForFuture. I am also totally in love with the philosophy of Forest Kindergaten Internatonal.

Carina: We are the caretakers of nature, not the owners.

Carmen: Por jardines de infancia forestales y naturales en Chile y todos los paises

Marianne: I have been travelling with children in the forest for 16 years and see it as a real contribution to a future suitable for grandchildren and grandchildren suitable for the future!

Irina: Healthy children, who were allowed to develop themselves primarily in nature with all their senses, and who were not constantly curbed and regulated, and whose contact with Mother Nature was nurtured and maintained, grow up into mentally and physically healthy adults who do not destroy their natural environment.

Cora: For more forest kindergartens

Julie: Thank you for initiating this movement.

Corrin: We must take action in the commercial food chain to mandate no plastic in the food industry and provide a solution for disposable nappies just to search with. Lobby our govts through legislation changes.

Lisa: Absolut unterstützendswert! Absolutely supportive!

Angela: I wish for a future worth living for my children and grandchildren.

Judith: Lets safe this planet for all living beings and our kids future.

Jana: Wegschauen hilft nicht! Nehmt Verantwortung für diese Welt! Looking away doesn't help! Take responsibility for this world!

Kristina: Forest Kindergarten is the best Concept to Educate children. They can learn so much from the nature and be with the nature. So that it‘s easy and Natural to protect the nature in the Future. Every child Show learn something about the Environment.

Gillian: The Académie de la Petite Enfance (Early childhood academy in Strasbourg France) supports the forest school network and connecting children and their families to nature from a very early age. A safe clean environment, access and time in nature are a key part to respecting children's development needs as stipulated in the Convention on the right's of the child. We're happy to join Forest kindergartens for future

Darren: It takes a village to raise a child. We need to come together as a community, society and human race to be align with nature and our land. We dont work towards more or less, we work towards a balance and equilibrium that would enable us to live in balance with our environment and others.

Ana: Creo en otro educación. De la mano y junto a la naturaleza. Una educación con ojos de niños. Donde las potencialidades de cada niño sea acompañada por un adulto comprometido.

Sonia: Thank you for the opportunity to bring our efforts together in order to have more impact on our communities!

Darren: The best & most enjoyable way of children learning is to explore the outdoors

Solangie: Protegemos lo que amamos y amamos lo que conocemos” Debemos regresar al niño a la naturaleza para que pueda conocerla, entonces amarla y entonces, protegerla.

Marina: Nature from birth, for everyone, until our very last breath!!

Imma: I agree with every word. In order for our children to have a good living environment in the future, we must be a good example in our actions and educate our children and parents. I promise I will do my best.

Janka: For the sake of children, our beautiful planet, for the sake of future...please change the approach to education, distinguishing, what really is important and what is not...chidlren deserve to be healthy and grow up in the healthy environment!  they deserve a future, too!

Nina: Uns gehört die wunderbare Welt nicht! Und wir haben keinen Ersatz im Keller gelagert. Wir haben die Welt geliehen von unseren Urenkeln und deren Kindern! Wir müssen zuford umdenken, nicht das Geld und die Güter sind wichtig im Leben sondern Zeit in einer gesunden Natur zu verbringen! Bäume schenken uns Sauerstoff und die Insekten schenken uns Ernten von Lebensmitteln! Versucht mal euer Geld zu zählen, wenn ihr die Luft an haltet!! Kinder brauchen die Zeit sowie die Natur um zu wachsen und zu lernen! Heute können die wenigsten Kindern noch in einem Wald klettern, auf einer Wiese fangen spielen und Blumenkränze flechten oder an einem Bach Papierschiffchen auf Reisen schicken und einen Damm bauen. Auf der Straße ungestört Fußball oder Hüpfkästchen spielen mit Freunden. Dies alles habe ich noch erleben dürfen als Kind ohne Handy und Marken Klamotten. Im Fernseher liefen noch sinnvolle Kinderserien 2 Stunden auf dem Tag verteilt, die meiste Zeit war ich freiwillig draußen! Zurück zur Verbindung mit der Natur jeder Tag zählt! Die Welt braucht uns nicht wir brauchen Sie viel dringender!

Eva: Por el derecho a una infancia plena, que prime el contacto con la naturaleza y el aprendizaje a través del juego, de forma respetuosa.

Jyotsna: Children deserve to connect with nature. Children deserve to identify with nature. Children deserve a life that is one with nature. And yet... modern education has caged them within four walls, cramming them inside books, depriving them of sensory development, keeping them from learning through play, limiting their ability to acquire knowledge through discovery. Forest kindergartens are a wonderful way to return them to where they belong.... Mother Nature.

Marisa: The Future is Now. We must make change manifest through our teaching principles and practices.

Emily: This is so important! I stand behind you 100%!!

Beatrix: Für eine natürliche Zukunft.

Joanne: Nature must be nurtured for all for always.

Malwina: Ready for promoting another point of view , and new practices, for my children and the others all over the World.

Ina: Educacion en la naturaleza... naturalmente feliz!!

Bonsai Institute: When children play in nature they create a deep connection to the natural world. The inner concentration thus awakened is a gift in the form of true presence, in which the children are being recharged and has a chance to meet themselves.